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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which exchanges does Rithmic connect to?
    We have connectivity to the CME Group exchanges (CBOT, CME, COMEX and NYMEX), to the Small Exchange (SMFE) and for account holders at certain FCMs, to EUREX and to ICE. For equities, we offer Nasdaq (Q) top of book only. Currently, EUREX data is only available on Rithmic platforms for customers of Dorman, AMP, Wedbush, or TheTradingPit. Although, we plan to offer EUREX to all of our customers in the coming months.
  • Is Rithmic's software compatible with macOS (iOS) devices?
    R | Trader and R | Trader Pro are built for and run on a windows machine only. Traders using mobile devices may download our mobile app, Rithmic Trader Pro™ from their App Store. Traders running popular browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.) need to click on this link,, to launch Rithmic Trader Pro™.
  • How do I configure ports for optimal connectivity?
    Microsoft has some information on their website which may be helpful:
  • Tips for Demo Users
    1. Please make sure that you are trying to login to the Rithmic Paper Trading System. We have lots of Systems, but demos are only enabled in Rithmic Paper Trading. 2. Your demo user id is your email and is case sensitive. Please check your verification email to confirm that you are logging in with the same combination of uppercase and lowercase letters as when you signed up. Please note that the web/mobile apps are not available to demo users at this time.
  • Is it possible to use Rithmic's software without a Broker?
    Yes, you can purchase our data feed directly without a broker. However, you might find it cheaper to open an account with a broker which offers Rithmic. For a list of brokers that offer the use of Rithmic’s software to their account holders, please visit Introducing Brokers (
  • How do I reset my password?
    Please contact your broker or prop firm for a password reset, as the case may be.
  • Can I use a VPN?
    We do not explicitly prohibit the use of a VPN, but it may not be able to connect due to firewall restrictions. Please see our firewall advisory.
  • Which payment methods do you accept?
    We accept payment via ACH, EFT, Wires, PayPal, Wise, or Zelle; PayPal preferred.
  • Why am I stuck on the login screen?
    Please note that we perform maintenance on our system over the weekend, during such time parts of the system may be unavailable. Maintenance times may vary week-to-week, but you can expect to be able to login by around 12:00 PM ET on Sundays. Daily: 5:15-5:45pm Weekend: Friday Evening through Noon on Sunday If this problem persists outside of our maintenance windows hours, please contact support: Contact Us | Rithmic, LLC (
  • How do I send log files?
    R | Trader: Your log folder can be accessed through Window > Log Folder, or through the Support button on your login screen.
  • Unable to Connect to License Server" Troubleshooting
    You may be running into a firewall or other network-related issues. Please see the firewall advisory posted at our website, link below: Some other things you can try are: Verify your version of Windows is up to date; Check that your Antivirus software is not blocking your connection to Rithmic. Try rebooting your computer; Try changing your Internet connection. If you are on Wifi, try a direct line; Try using a different Internet Service Provider; Try a different computer. Modem: It is possible that the Cable Modem you use to connect to the Internet has Security Settings which prevent you from connecting to the TCP/IP Ports used by Rithmic. Please check the Security Settings of your Cable Modem.
  • What is a "Max Session Count" error and how can it be resolved?
    The error reported suggests that you are trying to connect multiple applications to the Rithmic data feed at the same time. Without the use of the R | Trader Pro plugin function, trying to connect a second program will cause the first program to disconnect. But, using the R|Trader Pro plugin, you can connect the data feed to multiple applications. The number of applications that can connect at a time is dependent on the Max Sessions for Orders count, as set by your broker. In order to use a third-party application in Plugin Mode, please make sure to do the following: First, run R|Trader Pro; Before hitting Login with R|Trader Pro, click Allow Plugins; Login to the third-party application, connecting to Rithmic via plugin for market data. Please note that R | Trader Pro must stay running the whole time the application is running in Plugin Mode.
  • What is the historical data range offered?
    Historical data goes back through December 2011. Our users are limited to 40 Gigabytes per week of historical data, beginning on Sunday morning. There may be a couple of factors at play, so keep in mind the following: The typical R|Trader Pro user uses less than 100 Megabytes in a week to load charts, even if they load a chart going back to 2011. Some programs will not make the most efficient use of calls to our database. So for example if you are looking at 180 days of data, you are probably looking at what we call a Daily Bar. We support calls to our database to get Daily Bars, but some programs download raw ticks (which could be millions of messages per day) just to create a Daily Bar, instead of asking for the compressed bar from our server. What gets written to disk in this case might be much less than what is pulled from the server. Some programs have errors, where they might ask for a millions ticks, and then ask for the same ticks again, and again, and again. In cases like this, we have to defend our system as such requests can crowd our other customers out of the system.
  • What happened to R | Bass and R | Criss Cross?
    R | Bass and R | Criss Cross have been discontinued.
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