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Rithmic Confirms Continuing Publication of Globex Market Data Trade Messages à la FIX/FAST.

Rithmic, LLC is pleased to announce it will continue to publish and distribute Globex market data trade messages of the non-aggressor side of a trade even after the retirement by the CME of its Globex FIX/FAST market data feed.

Jonathan Walden, CEO of Rithmic, said: “The recent abandonment by other market data vendors of the CME’s Globex FIX/FAST market data feed in favor of the CME’s Globex MDP 3.0 market data feed shocked the trading and charting community. Charts and setups that had been carefully constructed and maintained for many years were rendered useless overnight. Given that essentially the same trade message data that is in the FIX/FAST feed is also available in the MDP 3.0 feed, we see no reason why any trader should be forced to switch his view of the markets.” Eric Aversa, Rithmic’s director of operations agreed: “If a trader wants to see only the summary portion (aggressor side) of the market data trade message, Rithmic will provide it. If instead, a trader prefers to see the market data trade messages in the form produced by FIX/FAST, Rithmic will provide those messages also.” Walden continued, “For a market data vendor to publish only the summary portion of a trade or to publish only the orders that make up the non-aggressor side of a trade is presumptive, arrogant and shows a lack of respect for that vendor’s customers. As long as such data is made available through the CME’s MDP 3.0 market data feed and as long as there is a reasonable demand for the non-aggressor market data trade messages in the FIX/FAST format currently published, Rithmic will provide access to both.”

Rithmic is a developer of high performance multi-asset trade execution software. Rithmic’s R | Trade Execution Platform™ for trading futures, spreads, equities and options provides highly stable and scalable desktop trading and risk management screens, bi-directional streaming connectivity with Microsoft Office Excel, a C++ API, a .NET API, FIX connectivity, market data and order routing.


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