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Rithmic Launches a Mobile Version of its Trading Platform Rithmic Trader Pro™

Rithmic, LLC is pleased to announce the beta release of Rithmic Trader Pro™ for use on mobile devices and in Web browsers.

Traders using iPhones, iPads and iPods may download Rithmic Trader Pro™ from the App Store. Android device users may download Rithmic Trader Pro™ from the Play Store. Traders running popular browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.) need click on this link,, to launch Rithmic Trader Pro™.

When logging in, tap or click on the system name shown and then select from the list of system names that appear at the bottom of the screen. Be sure that you select the system name in which your user id has been configured. Similarly tap and select a gateway through which you will connect. If you are located in the US select Chicago Area. If you are elsewhere around the world select a gateway that is closest. As gateways are added and/or changed with some frequency, please check them from time to time to see if a gateway is closer to you than before.

The focus of the initial release of Rithmic Trader Pro™ for mobile devices is to make it simple to pull working orders and to flatten open positions. This is quickly done by tapping or clicking on the button at the bottom left of each tile. Future releases will provide more of the functionality that is found in the desktop version of Rithmic Trader Pro™.

Each tile initially displays a (stock, future or crypto) symbol’s point chart, top of book pricing and your account’s position information. You may place orders from this tile by tapping or clicking the Buy and Sell buttons. Swipe once to view the symbol’s order book and swipe again to view a list of the symbol’s working and completed orders. You may configure a symbol’s trading defaults by tapping or clicking the⚙️button at the top left of each tile. Please refer to the screen shots below.

We have designed this version of Rithmic Trader Pro™ to present small icons and buttons that indicate (hopefully) their function. Consequently, documentation is sparse.

Though the mobile version of Rithmic Trader Pro™ is still a beta release, which means that all features are subject to change, addition and removal without notice, and that the pace of feature and performance changes is still high, we hope to release the first production version this coming September. Your constructive feedback will be appreciated. Please send comments to

-Rithmic Support

Rithmic is a developer of high performance multi-asset trade execution software. Rithmic’s R | Trade Execution Platform™ for trading futures, spreads, equities, options and cryptos provides highly stable and scalable desktop trading and risk management screens, bi-directional streaming connectivity with Microsoft Office Excel, a C++ API, a .NET API, a Protocol API, market data and order routing.


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