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Rithmic Welcomes All NinjaTrader Users

Rithmic, LLC is pleased to welcome all NinjaTrader users to experience the tremendous speed, accuracy and stability of Rithmic’s R | Trade Execution Platform™ for trading futures, spreads and options. Traders have recognized Rithmic’s high performance multi asset trade execution software as a leader in the field of market data delivery, order execution and order routing. Rithmic together with NinjaTrader will now provide a truly unique trading experience and NinjaTrader will fully support Rithmic.

Rithmic software combined with NinjaTrader is available through Rithmic’s extensive FCM and IB network. FCMs such as AMP Clearing, Vision Financial Markets and Crossland all offer the latest versions of Rithmic and NinjaTrader software to their account holders. IBs such as FuturePath Trading, AGN Futures, AMP Futures, Cannon Trading,, Optimus Trading Group, Express Futures, Progressive Trading, Robbins Trading Company, Stage Five, and Zaner Group also continue to bring the speed and stability of Rithmic’s R | Trade Execution Platform™ to their trading customers using NinjaTrader.

Rithmic is a developer of high performance multi-asset trade execution software. Rithmic’sR | Trade Execution Platform™ for trading futures, spreads, equities and options provides highly stable and scalable desktop trading and risk management screens, bi-directional streaming connectivity with Microsoft Office Excel, a C++ API, a .NET API, FIX connectivity, market data and order routing.


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